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Longood is an innovative developer with experienced, motivated RD professionals and a set of validation and verification system. With years of development on intelligent control and power supply, Longood has formed a practical and scientific R&D system.


In the past few years, Longood has tens of patents from home and abroad granted, in Intelligent Control, Smart Power Supply and Lighting Control, Lithium-ion Protection and Charging Management, Motor Control(AC, DC, BLDC etc.), Wireless Control etc. Design validation and verification testing center is set up as well, covering EMC testing, Environmental testing, Physical and Chemical analysis, Motor testing, Energy efficiency testing, Noise testing and Safety testing. It was also granted as Key Lab by government. In 2014, Longood was named one of Outstanding Enterprises associated with Power Supply by ShenZhen Semiconductor Lighting Association and became the deputy director of this Association.


Quality Assurance

Longood got ISO9001 certification and is running quality control in accordance with TS16949. Quality Assurance Manual is created based on years of business practice. Design, components selection, incoming materials inspection, warehouse, production process, and finished goods storage and delivery are all controlled based on the Manual. “Zero defect” is required and implemented.


With development, Testing Center is set up and consists of PCBA Controller, Power supply, EMC testing, Reliability Test etc. Most of Validation, verification, Safety and EMC testing can be conducted during product development by our own to ensure the quality and satisfy customers’ requirements.



Longood has been promoting and practicing mutual benefit and win-win cooperation to build a supply chain system, to ensure high quality, high efficiency and close cooperation from our partners of raw material suppliers.


Longood has a team of more than two thousand employees in manufacturing, and is committed to construction of automation facilities. Lean Production is running consistently and persistently by improvement on the operation method, optimizing the operation process, to constantly seek the best production plan, improve efficiency and quality, to ensure rapid response, timely delivery.

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